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“Breast health must start with breast awareness.
That’s why I created Circuelle™.” — Melissa Kirkpatrick

Melissa Kirkpatrick first envisioned Circuelle™ when she discovered a lump in her breast. Fortunately, the lump was benign. But it made her realize that she could make a positive contribution to what she knew was a frightening experience for countless women. A mother, and a gifted designer with a successful textile collection bearing her name, Melissa envisioned a product that would encourage women to perform breast self-examinations and feel comfortable with the experience. Her belief in the wisdom of early detection was instilled years before by her father, a surgeon specializing in breast cancer. And years of routine self-exams reminded Melissa that the perfect product to facilitate self-exams simply didn’t exist. Circuelle™ is a revolutionary Breast Ritual Crème™, offering an exquisite harmony of touch enhancement and pampering indulgence. As Melissa tells women at events across the country: “Being aware of our bodies is so important. I hope Circuelle™ opens up the conversation that breast self-exams are one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves and everyone we love.”

The Circuelle™ Foundation

The Circuelle™ Foundation was started to support vital Breast Health Awareness initiatives. Because it’s never too early to be knowledgeable about breast health, The Circuelle™ Foundation is organizing and funding breast self-exam programs in a number of schools. In addition, The Circuelle™ Foundation is also helping fund mammograms at select hospitals and radiology centers, making this essential screening available for free to women with limited financial resources.

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